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In His Bedroom
Pete Wentz / Mikey Way
When Gerard moved down to the basement last summer, Mikey learned two things. One, the bedroom was a whole lot cleaner without the clutter that Gerard seemed to attract and two, the air vent directly parallel to the side of his bed ran right down to the basement. Which meant that if Mikey listened hard enough, he could hear everything. At first, it hadn't been a real big deal. Usually all Mikey ever heard was when Gerard turned the TV up too loud in the middle of the night. Occasionally he  could even hear Gerard talking on the phone if he laid absolutely still and actually listened for it, which Mikey never did because he really doesn't care.
But one night, while Mikey laid in his bed, trying to fall asleep, that's when he heard it. A moan. No. Not just any moan. Gerard's moan. "Fuck Frank." The moan floated up through the vent and Mikey had felt a shiver of pure disgust run through of him. And he couldn't dig through his closet to
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Down The Basements Steps
(Another part in the "Boys' Room" Series)
Mikey was pretty sure that his brother was absolutely trying to kill him by grossing him out. They were all sitting on Gerard's bedroom floor; he, Pete, Gerard, Frank and these two girls named Jamia and Lindsey that Frank had insisted be invited over while Gerard and Mikey's parents were away for the weekend. Their parents had said no parties, which was hilarious because Gerard and Mikey never did normal things like have wild parties. They preferred to sit around and read comic books while they smoked through a whole pack of Marlboros. They had planned to do exactly that, until Frank showed up, bouncing around and blabbering on about partying. Gerard had at first told him no, flat out rejecting the idea of anyone other than them coming into his house. Frank had flailed a bit and threw himself onto the older boy as he gave him big puppy dog eyes. "But… at least let me invite Jamia and Lindsey! They are awesome!" He pleaded before straddling
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 8
Gerard tugged at his hoodie, which was riding up with every little movement, as he stood in the middle of the crowded airport. He could remember when this hoodie was actually baggy on him, but sadly, that was no longer the case. His stomach was growing a lot faster than it had with Bandit and he had to put on two shirts and a hoodie just to cover it up. He didn't like all the extra bulk. He didn't look pregnant, just really fat and it kind of stressed him out. He glanced over at Bandit, who was passed out cold in the chair next to Bob and smiled. Ray was staring at Frank, a hint of amusement on his face, because Frank was pretty much pacing like a crazy person. Mikey was too busy alternating between talking to Alicia and staring at his phone to even notice any of the other people around him.
Frank looked at his watch again for the millionth time before letting out another exaggerated sigh. "Where is she? We said be here by noon and it is now 1:40! Our plane leaves in like an hour! Jami
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 7
By the end of the third week of their month long break, Gerard and Frank were pretty much driving each other insane in their own little ways. Gerard was seriously going to choke Frank if he didn't stop babying him. Every time Gerard tried to do anything, Frank was right there, asking to help, telling him to sit down and rest. It was hard not for Gerard not to spit out venomous replies. "I can do it myself, Frank." Gerard said through gritted teeth as Frank pushed him from the table where he was trying to clean up from dinner. Frank just waved him off and started to take the plates from Gerard's hands.
"I know, I just don't want you to push yourself." He said as he put the plates into the sink and started to fill it with soapy water. Gerard opened his mouth when they both heard Bandit wailing from her room. Gerard shot daggers towards Frank and shook his head.
"Fine, wash the dishes, but I am getting Bandit. You stay here." He ordered before heading off to retrieve the crying toddler. F
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I Kissed A Boy
"Mikey, You have it meet Gabe." Mikey jumped a little, nearly losing his balance and dropping his phone onto the grass where he stood next to his tour bus. He blinked a few times at Pete and then back at his phone where Pete's name was still highlighted from the last text he sent.
"Wait what?" Mikey was seriously confused. He was pretty sure that Pete shouldn't even be there, but getting ready for the Fall Out Boy set, which they had seriously just been texting about. "Why are you here? I thought you were backstage warming up." Mikey looked up and squinted towards the Warped Tour main stage where Fall Out Boy would be playing in about 5 minutes. Pete just continued to flash Mikey his toothy wolfish grin, like he was planning something mischievous. Mikey wasn't put off by it though, because Pete always looked that way.
"Gabe Saporta dude, you have to finally meet him. He is awesome." Pete said instead of answering any of Mikey's previous questions. Mikey raised an e
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 6
Frank woke up with a sharp gasp, a strong smell hitting his nose and shocking him awake where he laid on the floor. "Frank!" He blinked a few times and looked up at Gerard, where he sat on the hospital bed, looking down at him with horror. Frank slowly sat up, Jenny standing up to help him stand. The doctor helped brush him off before helping him sit down in a chair next to the bed.
"Are you feeling better?" Jenny asked as she handed Frank a glass of water. He took a quick sip and nodded his head.
"Sorry, I.. I just wasn't expecting that. Twins?" Frank asked with wide eyes. The doctor nodded. Gerard reached out and took Frank's hand. Frank looked over at Gerard and gave him a small smile. He was still trying to get over the shock of it all. The doctor nodded and handed Frank a picture with two red circles showing the two fetuses within Gerard's stomach. Frank stared at the picture for a moment, in a bit of disbelief. "Wow." He said and he finally let a wide grin spread across his face.
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 5
Beep. Beep. Beep. Gerard can hear a distant beeping by the left of his head. He can't tell if he is dreaming it or if it is some fucking alarm that is pulling him out of a pretty peaceful sleep. It slowly sounds and soon hushed voices come in as he begins to fully wake. When he opens his eyes, he is met with annoyingly bright lights that brought with it incredible pain throughout his body. "Oh good, you're awake." A voice spoke and Gerard had to blink a few times before he could focus on the doctor standing before him.
"Where am I?" His voice sounded wreaked, worse than sleep would have caused.
"You're in the hospital, you're friends brought you here after you passed out on your bus." The doctor explained with an almost pained look on his face. That stupid look they give you when they want to show you that they are sympathizing with you. Gerard closed his eyes for a second, remembering the blood and pain. Shit.
"What happened?" He asked. He looked around the room before adding, "Where
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 4
By the time Projekt Revolution was nearing its end, Lyn-z and Gerard had become pretty close friends, swapping stories about how they had both gotten into music, what made them realize they wanted to do this for the rest of their life. Lyn-z felt really honored that Gerard would tell her all that and there was something about him that made it easy to just talk and talk. She couldn't really help but she had become very smitten with him.
"Hey," Lyn-z turned as she heard Gerard's voice filter through the maze of buses. It was early, around 9 am, so she was sort of surprised to even see him walking around the grounds. Even Bandit slept in until 10 and if it were up to him, Gerard would sleep in until noon. Lyn-z was waiting to go onstage. Mindless Self Indulgence were on the side stage early today, at 10, which was shitty, so she was already in her stage clothes getting a quick smoke break, just waiting for Jimmy or Steve to signal her backstage. She felt her small smile turn into a huge g
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Guitar Strings and Rattles 3
The fight goes on for a full week, which no one expected. Frank and Gerard have never been ones to hold grudges, and even in the last two years of marriage, they never had a fight that lasted more than a few days. But they still haven't had a conversation that hasn't ended in shouting. After the first days they were both equally mad. Gerard couldn't believe that Frank would think he was flirting with Lyn-z and that pissed him off more than he had ever been. Frank was being stubborn with his anger, convinced that he was right to be mad about the whole thing. But as the days wore on, he slowly broke down. And by the end of five days he was finally ready to end the fight. His anger had passed and all he really wanted to do was hold him in their bunk again.
Frank tried to talk to Gerard. He pulled Gerard aside on the bus after a tense set and was only met with folded arms. "Gerard, I am sorry." He started. Gerard's arms tightened across his chest and he frowned.
"Sorry for being a jealous
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Keep It Ugly by rabbitsareroadkill37 Keep It Ugly :iconrabbitsareroadkill37:rabbitsareroadkill37 0 0
Guitar Strings and Rattles 2
Bandit calmed down once Gerard started walking towards where the buses were parked. She slumped sleepily against his shoulder and fought to keep her eyes open. Gerard knew she was probably going to nap through their whole set and he was extremely happy for that. "Hey wait!" a voice called and Gerard ignored it, thinking it was meant for someone else. "Gerard!" the voice called again and Gerard realize that the voice was oddly familiar. He turned to see Lyn-z jogging up to him, looking sweaty and a bit tired from playing. She brushed a bang from sticking to her forehead as she walked up. "Hey." she said grinning. Gerard looked around a little confused.
"Um hi" he replied as he adjusted the toddler on his hip.
"She is adorable." Lyn-z said, motioning to Bandit before picking the front of her red vest enough to loosen it from where it was sticking a bit. "It definitely made our set a whole lot more interesting." she grinned wider. Gerard blushed and looked at his feet.
"Yeah, seriously, s
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Behind Classroom Doors
I could barely get my head around what had happened that afternoon. I mean, I would like to keep it in my mind that my brother doesn't even have a dick but now I know that he and Frank are bumping uglies and I can't help but shiver in pure disgust at that thought. No one wants to find out that there sibling is sexually active. I felt a squeeze on my hand that brought me out of these horror-fueled thoughts and I looked up at Pete with wide eyes. "I thought I told you to stop thinking about it." He said with a smirk as he led me down the empty hallways of the school. It was after school and Pete was dragging me off to watch his soccer practice, like he usually does before I have to be home. Or so I thought. The squeeze to the hand brought me back to reality and I was now fully aware that we were actually on the other side of the school.
"I can't stop thinking about it! It's going to haunt my dreams!" I said, waving around my free arm in emphasis. "I knew we should have stayed in the lunc
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Stay Beautiful. Keep it Ugly by rabbitsareroadkill37 Stay Beautiful. Keep it Ugly :iconrabbitsareroadkill37:rabbitsareroadkill37 56 48
Guitar Strings and Rattles 1
"Dada!" Frank's eyes flew open as a plastic toy hammer came crashing into his nose. It wasn't painful, but it was probably the scariest god damned way to be woken up at 9 in the morning. He jumped a bit, fully resisting the urge to grab out at the voice that scared him and he felt Gerard move behind him in the bunk where they slept. His eyes had to focus a bit, still blurry from sleep, but when they did, he was face to face with a tiny smiling face. "Dada!" Bandit squealed again and brought the toy hammer down onto Frank's cheek as she stared Frank with bright hazel eyes. Bandit had become an escape artist when it came to her crib and Frank should have been used to her waking him up with a random toy to the face by now. Gerard groaned behind him and buried his nose into Frank's hair.
"Come here, you." He said as scooped the nineteen-month-old up and brought her into the bunk with them. Frank could hear the others moving in their bunks around them and it was clear that Bandit's outburst
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Behind The Bleachers
(A sequel to In The Boys' Room)
Frank's POV
I could see the fear and worry in Gerard's eyes as we slipped out a side door of the school. This was one of the rare doors in this school that wasn't set up with a fire alarm that would go off the instant it was pushed open. I was confident that we wouldn't get caught. The teachers might be strict, but they were kind of fucking stupid and barely paid attention to what happened in the school. That's why the lacrosse team was able to use Gerard, his brother, and Ray as their own personal punching bags. I didn't get shit, though. I may be short and skinny but I was way tougher than I looked. And when push came to shove, I could fuck up some serious jock face.
I almost thought Gerard was going to chicken out on me. He was pretty bold behind closed doors, but he was usually a kind of fidgety guy. If it weren't for Mikey to anchor him down with his mellow vibe, Gerard would be a complete wreck by the end of the day. And as the thought really start
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Unexpected Final Chapter
The next four days at the hospital went by pretty quickly. Gerard was barely conscious for most of them, due to the amount of pain medications they had him hopped up on. Frank had never realized how much a c-section would effect the older man but as he helped Gerard through that week, he really saw it. By the fourth day though, Gerard was wide awake and actually able to move around on his own and the hospital declared that him and the baby were healthy enough to check out, which Frank was extremely thankful for. He was really tired of sleeping in the shitty chair/bed that was in the room.
Frank had gone home an hour before Gerard's official check out time and made sure everything was just right in the house and secured the baby seat into the car. It had been a bit of a struggle, seeing as Frank had never tried this before in his life, but after three tries and reading the instructions over and over again, the car seat sat perfectly in the middle of the back seats. Frank let out a breat
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I haven't forgotten Guitar Strings and Rattles...
I just cannot figure out how to write the next chapter.
But please don't give up hope!
I promise an update before the end of January.

In other news, I am writing a new Pikey!
It's also heavily NC-17.
Which I have NEVER tried with this paring. So that should be really interesting.
Can I do it?
Well you'll just have to watch out for it to find out!
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